Do you own an apartment house on the island of Rab and want to add it to the site of the island? Fill out this form and we will contact you. Presentation is FREE.

Adding a new house

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Conditions of cooperation

Basic terms

  • MOJRAB: Web sites (for Slovakia), (for Czech Republic) and (for Europe).
  • OWNER: The owner of the house that provides accommodation to tourists on the island of Rab in Croatia and has a contractual relationship with ADMINISTRATOR.
  • TURIST: The customer of the accommodation in one of the OWNERS' houses.
  • PRESENTATION: Website of the OWNER's house at MOJRAB.
  • ADMINISTRATION: Website for settting up the PRESENTATION.

Presentation price

  • PRESENTATION of the house is for FREE. OWNER does not pay for the placement of the PRESENTATION nor for its ADMINISTRATION.


  • OWNER will set his/her prices for accommodation in ADMINISTRATION.
  • ADMINISTRATOR raises prices of OWNER up to 10 EUR per day. This increase is his commission.
  • There are raised prices in PRESENTATION at MOJRAB, and OWNER's prices in ADMINISTRATION.

Communication with tourists

  • TURISTS speaking slovak or czech communicate with ADMINISTRATOR by e-mail and phone.
  • TURISTS speaking another language communicate with OWNER through ADMINISTRATOR. TURIST sends an e-mail to ADMINISTRATOR, who sends message about it to OWNER, OWNER replies to ADMINISTRATOR and ADMINISTRATOR sends e-mail with answer to TOURIST.
  • OWNER is not justified to communicate with TURIST directly in any other way until the deposit is paid. Only then ADMINISTRATOR sends voucher with contacts to OWNER and TOURIST.

Orders, reservations, payments and cancellation

  • TOURIST makes an order at MOJRAB. OWNER confirms availability of accommodation.
  • ADMINISTRATOR makes a reservation of accommodation to OWNER. OWNER confirms the reservation.
  • TURIST pays 50% from total price of the accommodation to bank account of OWNER.
  • ADMINISTRATOR makes immediate transfer of the amount paid, reduced by his commission to the account of OWNER.
  • ADMINISTRATOR sends voucher (confirmation of paid deposit and reservation of the accommodation) by e-mail to TOURIST and OWNER.
  • TOURIST pays another 50% to the total price to OWNER (in cash) when he/she arrives to the OWNER's house.
  • If TOURIST does not arrive at the agreed date within the agreed term, OWNER still keeps the deposit 50% reduced by the commission of the ADMINISTRATOR. This is a cancellation fee.

Administrator obligations

  • Enable OWNER to set up and change PRESENTATION in ADMINISTRATION.
  • Immediately send the deposit paid by TOURIST to the OWNER's bank account, reduced by his commission.

Owner's obligations

  • Communicate with ADMINISTRATOR regarding TOURIST's reservations.
  • Provide accommodation to TOURIST in a quality and scope according to PRESENTATION and voucher.