Road to the island

Trajekt Stinica-Rab

Nearly the whole journey in Croatia highways (except the last 70 km through the mountain range and the coast). We go around Karlovac to Split and from the highway we meet at exit Zuta Lokva, the direction of Senj. Senj is the first seaside town on the road and can be reached by passing through a coastal mountain range saddle desk, and then endless switchbacks down to the sea. Senj Karlobag turn on / Island Rab / Zadar and continue along the sea south still 35 km. On the island of Rab we are reached by ferry from Jablanac / Stinica.

Zagreb - Karlovac - Žuta Lokva - Senj - Stinica - Rab

Toll charges

Highway in Austria

  • 10 days: 9,90 EUR
  • 2 months: 28 EUR

The fee for the highway can be paid at service stations. You can pay by credit card.

Highway in Croatia:

  • Zagreb - Žuta Lokva: 60 HRK (about 8,40 EUR)

Fees are paid at the exit of the toll sections. You can pay also embossed cards, such as MasterCard or Visa. Motorhomes and caravans pay more. Official price list: HERE.

Charges for Ferry

Ferry Stinica - Rab (Mišnjak):

  • Passenger car: 100 HRK (about 14 EUR)
  • Adult: 17 HRK (about 2,40 EUR)
  • Child (3-12): 7 HRK (about 1 EUR)

Payable for each person in the car since three years. Motorhomes and caravans pay more. You can pay by card, Kuna or Euro. Official price list: HERE. Ferry departures: HERE.

Currencies and payment

In Croatia Kuna is the official currency. The current rate is 1 EUR = 7,13 Kuna (10.6.2021 - Tatrabanka).

Kunas can be exchanged in the banks before leaving for vacation. You can also change in the banks on the island almost the same (sometimes more favorable) rate as at home. Several branches in the capital city (Rab) and one in Lopar. Change is possible also in the tourist offices in each of the resort, but this is less preferred. Least preferred is the change in the exchange offices on the island.

Unless you can free ATM withdrawals abroad, take advantage of this option. This is very advantageous, without waiting, as in the bank. ATMs are in most resorts.

Of course there is the possibility of payment cards in supermarkets. It is possible to use all common debit and credit cards. If you have a credit card, this payment method is the most preferred of all.

Indicative fuel prices in Croatia

Prices from :

  • Petrol 95: EUR / liter
  • Diesel: EUR / liter
  • LPG: EUR / liter

Local transportation on the island

If for any reason you do not want to walk around the island by car, we have good news for you. Rabe runs on the local bus service, which is not expensive. Infoweb find HERE. Here are the departures of bus lines:

  • RAB - LOPAR: 04.20, 05.40, 6.50, 08.30, 10.15, 12.15, 14.15, 15.15,17.30, 19.30, 22.30
  • LOPAR - RAB: 04.45, 06.00, 07.15, 9.00, 10.45, 12.45, 14.45, 15.45, 18.00,20.00, 23.00
  • RAB - KAMPOR: 04.45, 06.15, 06.45, 10.25, 13.40, 15.15, 17.30
  • KAMPOR - RAB: 05.00, 06.30, 07.00, 10.35, 13.55, 15.30, 17.45
  • RAB - BARBAT: 05.25, 06.20, 07.10, 10.00, 14.15, 15.40, 19.00
  • BARBAT - RAB: 06.30, 07.30, 09.30, 10.15, 14.30, 16.45, 17.40


From 15 June 2017, the new European regulation of roaming prices applies. What does that mean to us? We are telephoning, sending messages and dating in Croatia almost at home. The word "almost" is very important because it is not always true. Especially about data. If you are under the conditions of a mobile operator that you can only use the data in your network, you will have no internet or other prices in Croatia. This is good to find out before traveling. Calls and SMS is almost in all cases really like at home.

Almost all the Rab houses we work with have WiFi for guests. If you're out of the house (on the beach, in the countryside or in the city), you will often be out of the reach of WiFi. Then the data in the mobile will fit. If we realize that on holiday we are more outdoors than usual, we spend much more data. Then for example 2GB from data package may not be enough. It is better then to get data from the local operator.

There are three mobile operators offering calls and the internet also on prepaid cards in Croatia: VIPnet, T-Mobile, Tele2

VIPnet offers unlimited internet for 75 Kn (10 EUR) per week. You can buy it in company stores, newsstands, supermarkets and gas stations. More info HERE.

Hrvatski Telekom (T-Mobile) offers unlimited internet for 85 Kn (11 EUR) per week. You can buy it in company stores, newsstands, supermarkets and gas stations. More info HERE.

Tele2 offers unlimited internet for 199 Kn (27 EUR) per month. You can buy it in company stores, newsstands, supermarkets and gas stations. More info HERE.


In Croatia, use the distribution system 230V and 50Hz. We can meet two types of sockets:

1. Socket without grounding. No central pin socket, as have our outlet and has only two holes for the prongs. Here we can use all our types of carriage - flat two-wire (Chargers mobile phones, razors), three-wire (PC plugs, extension cords), but also classic white "TRIPLET" with a round plug.

2. Power socket with link plates. These are the top and bottom of the female ring. They serve, as with our protection center pin sockets. Here we can use almost all our types of carriage - two-wire (Chargers mobile phones, razors), three-wire (PC plugs, extension cords), but not the classic white "TRIPLET" with a round plug, because those have tapered regions and small sheets at top and bottom. All new types predlžovačiek a PC cables are universally applicable and Croatia (to the center pin and link plates side - but these are not mandatory - just knockouts).